How To Join Utah Water Users Association

Why Become a Member?

The Utah Water Users Workshop and Legal Seminar held each year in St. George is only one small part of the function of our organization. We also have a conference in late October each year called the Utah Water Summit Conference. The Association is the largest organized group of water user interests in Utah and in the west. Currently we have over 600 members consisting of about 300 irrigation companies, as well as numerous state agencies, water conservancy districts, water users associations, cities, industries and all other entities that use water. In addition, there are 20 engineering firms and consultants, 6 law firms and an assortment of contractors, vendors and insurance companies.

We are very active during the legislative session in monitoring and lobbying of water related bills that impact our members. In addition, we provide technical advice to our members in all aspects of their operation including water regulation, water rights, water measurement, monitoring, distribution, contract administration, conflict resolution or other water related issues raised by our members. We have a 31 member Board of Directors and an Executive Committee which directs and oversees the activities of the association. The board members represent every county and geographic area in Utah.

Utah is also a member of the National Water Resources Association and we monitor national water issues and policies such as the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act and federal funding for water projects to name a few. We have two active voting board members and a state executive who are actively engaged with the national association.

I believe there is strength in numbers and the bigger our organization becomes, the more influence we gain in state and national water issues. Your membership will entitle you to receive our quarterly newsletter and our support in any water related issues you may have. We can also provide you with a list of members in the Association upon your request.

Membership Fees

Irrigation Company (1,000-2,500 acres)$50
Irrigation Company (2,501-30,000 acres)$150-$1,000
Water Conservancy District (1 county)$500 per county served
Water Users Association$500-$1,500
State Agencies$2,000
Law firms, engineering firms, suppliers$250

If you are interested in joining the Utah Water Users Association, please submit payment to:

6856 S Bateman Dell Way
West Jordan, UT 84084

or contact Carly Burton by phone at 801-560-2533 or by e-mail if you have further questions.